Lunchbox Sized Heads

Li'l Monster


 The Li'l Monster is a low-cost but powerful head now available in limited numbers. This design is very touch sensitive and will easily play a large room with a 2 x12" or 4 x 12" cab. Set your tone for lead or crunch and easily transition back to plummy cleans by rolling your guitar volume down or by lightening your pick attack. Power is derived from a pair of EL84 tubes, cathode biased. The preamp comes outfitted with 2, 12AX7 tubes but many tweaks can be had by subbing lower gain tubes. The Li'l Monster is compact and easy to carry, works great with pedals and attenuators and is point-to-point built in a sturdy aluminum chassis. Handles are cut into the end panels and with the round-top vented cover, heat is easily dissipated.

compact heads & combos



 Based loosely on the legendary Trainwreck circuit; Engine 9 has a 3 position "Steam" control that delivers three distinct gain profiles and is meant for the player who prefers an amp with "touch sensitivity" and uses their guitar controls and playing dynamics to transition between cleans and higher gain tones. Plummy cleans wind up to a tight mean growl perfect for modern rock tones. Power yield is approximately 35 watts from a pair of 7591 power tubes. 



25 watts of 6V6 goodness deliver lower gain classic tones with a wide sweeping volume control and panoramic tone controls.  This newest prototype is our take on a popular classic. The Redpoll features a transformer driven reverb and all tube tremolo; both footswitchable. The preamp is low-gain with only Volume, Bass & Treble controls with a Gain Boost switch that permits grind at lower volumes that turns outright mean at higher settings. Recently, we certified the Redpoll for 6L6GC tubes and Wow! At lower gain settings it dishes a classic clean tone great for Jazz and turned up it transitions into a creamy compression rock tone with plenty of sustain. You have to play this, and you'll never want to stop!

The prototype shown is enclosed in our new head cabinet that fits our Mule and Moosette amps as well, making this a new option at a lower cost !



 We've recently re-tooled the Mule into a 2 channel amp inspired by the circuit that became the '59 Bassman and later, the Marshall line of amplifiers. Using a pair of 7591 tubes, the Mule delivers 35 watts into a Tone Tubby Red Alnico 12" speaker in combo form. The Mule features the familiar "Treble", "Mids", "Bass" EQ, separate Volume controls for each channel and a Gain control on the lead channel. 



Up to 20 watts of Single Ended, Class 'A' output with variable gain and voicing. The Moosette features a stellar reverb and is available with your choice of speaker (in combo form) and a variety of reverb tanks to suit your tone. Equipped with a single EL34 output tube, you can swap in a 6V6 for lower output levels.

The Moosette is stained with our "Ready for the Cabin" finish that allows the grain of the finger jointed 3/4" Baltic Birch ply cabinetry to show through !

Large Heads

M50 / M50HR


Our classic tone machine delivers up to 60 watts using a variety of output tubes in a single channel head. Like our other amps, the M50 has variable gain and voicing. The M50 also comes with a footswitch-able boost pedal.

The M50HR is voiced for Rock and is equipped with EL34 output tubes and a higher gain phase inverter tube. 2 channel versions are also available.

Your choice of tubes and voicing at no extra cost!

Gypsy / Voyaguer


 Up to 40 watts of Single Ended, Class 'A' output with 2 channels that may be cascaded to deliver various creamy cleans, outrageous crunch or overdriven tones to suit a variety of musical styles. The Gypsy uses a single KT88 output tube with a global 'Accent' control to boost treble or bass as you desire. 

We also build this amp with reverb instead of the "RAW" channel. This incarnation brings a wonderful creamy single ended amp with a full tube and transformer driven reverb with your choice of tank. We're calling this amp the "Voyageur". Our shop is equipped to demo both versions, so come by and plug in! 

Watson Electric Octalpus


Designed by Swampdonkey Amplifiers and Mike Watson, Calgary area innovative Bluesman; The Octalpus hearkens back to the tube amp designs of the 1940's and 50's utilizing all octal preamp and power tubes and is tube rectified. This is our first point-to-point commercial release and is outfitted with all carbon resistors and Mallory 150M capacitors. Loads of gain and milkshake thick overdrive are complemented by a stunning long-tank reverb and warm tremolo circuit. Power yield is about 30 watts from a pair of 6L6GC power tubes. 



The Punkster is a unique 120+watt amp designed for modern rock, punk and metal tones. The "blue" channel offers a blend of two unique voicings for rhythm crunch and the "red" channel offers additional gain for lead tones and each channel has it's own 3 way tone stack. The massive power yield comes from a pair of TungSol's mighty KT120 power tubes. The Punkster will also accept KT150 power tubes for additional power and slightly different breakup. Custom preamp configurations including reverb and pure slave amps are available.